Parechovirus A Pathogenesis and the Enigma of Genotype A-3


Parechovirus A is a species in the Parechovirus genus within the Picornaviridae family that can cause severe disease in children. Relatively little is known on Parechovirus A epidemiology and pathogenesis. This review aims to explore the Parechovirus A literature and highlight the differences between Parechovirus A genotypes from a pathogenesis standpoint. In particular, the curious case of Parechovirus-A3 and the genotype-specific disease association will be discussed. Finally, a brief outlook on Parechovirus A research is provided.

Keywords: parechovirus, parechovirus A, parechovirus A-3, pathogenesis


Adithya Sridhar, Eveliina Karelehto, Lieke Brouwer, Dasja Pajkrt and Katja C. Wolthers