Organoid Center Amsterdam UMC (ORCAU) Annual Symposium

We are pleased to announce that on the 23rd of November 2023 at 12 PM, ORCAU will host its annual symposium. This event will take place at Collegezaal 4, Amsterdam UMC location AMC. At this symposium, we have put together an exciting programme highlighting some of the extraordinary organoid work at the Amsterdam UMC. During this event, there will be keynote presentations from experts, a round-table discussion, and an opportunity to present posters. Additionally, the event will kick-off with a lunch and will conclude with a drinks and networking session. 

To see the full programme, click here.


If you would like to be a part of the programme, you can submit an abstract before the 30th of September 2023. Please email abstracts to organoidcenter [@] For questions, please contact the organization committee using the same email address.

Are you interested in learning more about human organoid technology and how they can be applied in research? Register before the 15th of October 2023 for ORCAU’s upcoming symposium! *Only limited spots available.


Within Amsterdam UMC, researchers and their team gathered to form an organoid center that enables the use of human organoids and organotypic models for studying human biology and tackling human diseases. The Organoid Center Amsterdam UMC (ORCAU) aims to connect experts in organoid technology, train researchers and disseminate organoid research.

At the moment, ORCAU consists of 14 research groups operating within Amsterdam UMC. These include the Bijlsma Group, CEMM – Molecular Oncology, Complex Ophthalmogenetics, DigeST, Environmental control of the immune system, Immunohematology, Huntington Disease proteostasis group, LEXOR, Lisa van Baarsen Lab, OrganoVIR Labs, Skinlab, RIRE (renal injury and repair), Stem Cell Biology, and Tas Group.