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  • ORCAU Annual Symposium 2023

    ORCAU Annual Symposium 2023

    On Thursday, 23rd of November 2023, ORCAU hosted an annual symposium at the Amsterdam UMC. The programme of the symposium included keynote presentations from experts, a round-table discussion, and poster presentations that highlighted some of the extraordinary work that is being done at the Amsterdam UMC.  The ORCAU Annual Symposium is intended for researchers who…   »

  • Organoid Center Amsterdam UMC (ORCAU) Annual Symposium

    We are pleased to announce that on the 23rd of November 2023 at 12 PM, ORCAU will host its annual symposium. This event will take place at Collegezaal 4, Amsterdam UMC location AMC. At this symposium, we have put together an exciting programme highlighting some of the extraordinary organoid work at the Amsterdam UMC. During this event,…   »

  • Put Some Guts into It: Intestinal Organoid Models to Study Viral Infection

    Abstract The knowledge about enteric viral infection has vastly increased over the last eight years due to the development of intestinal organoids and enteroids that suppose a step forward from conventional studies using cell lines. Intestinal organoids and enteroids are three-dimensional (3D) models that closely mimic intestinal cellular heterogeneity and organization. The barrier function within…   »