ORCAU Annual Symposium 2023

On Thursday, 23rd of November 2023, ORCAU hosted an annual symposium at the Amsterdam UMC. The programme of the symposium included keynote presentations from experts, a round-table discussion, and poster presentations that highlighted some of the extraordinary work that is being done at the Amsterdam UMC. 

The ORCAU Annual Symposium is intended for researchers who are working with human organoids and organotypic models within the Amsterdam UMC. The symposium serves as an opportunity for researchers to showcase the work that they are doing with human organoids and to network with other scientists working within the field. 

The symposium was opened by Prof. Dr. Hans van Goudoever. The line-up of keynote speakers included Dr. Wendy Dankers, Prof. Eric Reits, Dr. Vivi Heine, and Dr. Harsha Devalla, and panelists of the round-table discussion included Dr. Juan Garcia Vallejo, Dr. Michel van Weeghel, Dr. Peter Henneman, and Prof. Eric Reits. 

Opening by Prof. Dr. Hans van Goudoever
Keynote presentation by Dr. Wendy Dankers
Keynote presentation by Dr. Harsha Devalla
Keynote presentation by Prof. Eric Reits
Prof. Dr. Dasja Pajkrt asking a question during a keynote presentation
Panelists of the round-table discussion

During the event, Debby Weijers, director of Stichting Proefdiervrij (the Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing ) gave a brief introduction of the Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge; a program that helps scientists set up a venture plan that will push forward animal-free scientific research. She also introduced the winner of the 2023 Venture Challenge, VEO, which consisted of researchers from the Amsterdam UMC.

Debby Weijers introducing the Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge
VEO, Winner of the Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge 202

At the symposium, seven posters were presented by PhD students and technicians working within the Amsterdam UMC. Attendees of the event were encouraged to engage by the posters.  

Nina Johannesson (left) & Eline Freeze (right)
Giulia Moreni (left) & Joep Korsten (right)
Jantine van Voorden
Shicheng Ye
Dr. Katja Wolthers viewing a poster
Prof. Dr. Dasja Pajkrt engaging by a poster
Ellie Wagstaff

We would like to thank Stichting Proefdiervrij, ISOGEN, and STEMCELL Technologies for sponsoring our event. We look forward to hosting the next annual symposium. 

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